Let Gorgeous and Eye-catching Cartoon Wallpaper Refresh Your Nursery

When creating a nursery for your little one, wallpaper can make all the difference in turning a room from something that is quite ordinary to a spectacular environment where they will be happy to be. A good wallpaper design for the nursery should be colorful and with characters, if you really want to keep them interested and stimulated in daily life and at bedtime. There are so many benefits to installing good quality wallpaper in your child's nursery and here are just some of them.

    • A baby's room should be stimulating in order to help their development. Gorgeous wallpaper murals instead of one block color are very stimulating and can help your little one as he or she grows.
    • It allows more creativity than painting alone and will allow you to really put your stamp on the nursery and as the child grows, you can update the wallpaper depending on what they are into.
    • With characters or animals on the wall, your little one won't feel so alone when put to bed, and it could help them sleep better too. It is known to be particularly comforting for babies who might have attachment issues.
    • It just looks good and you can choose furniture and other accents of the room that suits your chosen nursery wallpaper mural.

There are many types of wallpaper out there depending on the particular theme that you want to go for so it is all up to personal choice really. You should definitely keep in mind that research has shown that bright colors and patterns are known to be very beneficial for a developing child and that is the main reason why you should choose a great print right from the offset. You can't go wrong with the following nursery wallpaper murals and having this kind of design on the wall is guaranteed to make the nursery go to a whole new level. Check them out below and choose wisely so that you can make the perfect safe haven for your child where they will thrive.

Adorable Dinosaur Wallpaper Mural

Jungle Themed Wallpaper

This gorgeous pastel wallpaper mural is ideal for both boys and girls to feel at one with the world around them, and it will help them learn about animals too. The wallpaper has a green background and is filled with trees, leaves, a cute dinosaur, a koala bear, and bugs aplenty. The colors used are earthy but also have a pastel theme in regards to the shades used. If you are looking to decorate a nursery but don't know whether you are having a boy or a girl, or generally want to go with a more neutral choice of wallpaper, this cute animal mural absolutely perfect. The colors used in this wallpaper are very pretty without being over the top or too bright. This is a really heartwarming and calming print that will leave your child, and yourself, super happy whenever they are in the room!

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Pretty Stars And Moon Wallpaper

If you want something adorable to send your baby into a land of dreams as quick as a flash, look no further. This purple wall mural design is with stars, clouds, and a tiger sitting on a moon. Does it even get much cuter than that? The colors of this purple nursery wall mural all blend together beautifully and although it is a little feminine, it could also be used for a boy's nursery. The purple starts off a little darker at the top and then blends down into a more pastel tone as the clouds start to become more apparent. What better way to encourage your little one to go off to sleep than with this print on their wall? It is actually very calming and would make them feel safe and loved.

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Sleepy Sloth Wallpaper Mural

Sleepy Sloth Wallpaper

In terms of adorable animals, does it really get any cuter than sloths? The fact that they are lazy and slow hanging around on their tree all day makes them even cuter and this sloth-detailed wallpaper mural shows that off perfectly. If you are going for an animal theme for your little one's nursery, this would be an ideal choice. The design has a white background, colorful leaves, and sloths in all states of mischief, from sleeping right up to hanging upside down on branches. Your child is guaranteed to enjoy having this nursery wallpaper mural in their room from the time that they are a baby until they are a toddler and beyond. And who knows? If they see how sleepy the sloths are, perhaps they would be more likely to sleep the whole night through also!

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Adorable Kitty Wallpaper

This is a gorgeous nursery wallpaper design and looks more like a work of art rather than something you might typically find in a baby's room. The colors used are quite dark and show a town with houses and trees. Right in the foreground of the neutral-colored wallpaper mural is a huge white and ginger sleeping cat. This is a unisex design and it would look amazing in all different kinds of nurseries. If you want to include some kind of animal print in the nursery that you are decorating but also want something that is a little different that you cannot find everywhere, this would actually be a perfect choice.

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Wreck in Ocean Wallpaper Mural

Under The Sea Themed Wallpaper

Simple yet attractive, this sea nursery wall mural is eye-catching and looks amazing from all angles. It has a simple blue background and all around are the shadows of sea creatures and a ship underwater! The color of this wallpaper might suggest that it would be more suited to a boy's nursery, when in fact, it is unisex and would suit both boys and girls. You can get your child into wildlife and sea creatures from a young age with this design. Blue itself is proven to be the most calming color that there is so if want your little one to sleep like a log all night long, this could definitely be the design to choose.

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Sleeping Bear Themed Wallpaper

In keeping with the animal wallpaper mural theme, why not take things a step further with this roarsome bear print? It has a cool cream background with grey clouds and black bears sleeping on top of them with the words "sleep tight" printed throughout. Yellow moons and stars also feature periodically for a really cool design in general. This would be suitable for boys and girls to enjoy and sets a really nice ambiance for any nursery. If you want to make your child feel comfortable and happy, this is definitely a unisex wallpaper mural that you should be considering using for decorating the nursery of your dreams.

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Flower and Rabbit Wall Mural

Floral Rabbit Wallpaper

This dreamy pink wallpaper mural is feminine and unique in its design, giving major Alice in Wonderland vibes! The background is a light pink and there are colorful flowers throughout the print. There is a large galloping white rabbit in the middle of the wall and a couple of smaller rabbits on his back. If you are looking for something pink but not boring, this is absolutely perfect for your nursery wallpaper mural. In general, it is quite a unique design and not one that you would be able to find just anywhere. This cartoon wall mural is ideal for girls but what's to say it couldn't be used for a boy too? It shows personality and it is guaranteed to get your little one's attention. Ensure that the nursery you are decorating stands out from the crowd with this bold but beautiful design, and you won't regret it!

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Any one of the designs would look amazing depending on what you prefer and the type of theme that you want to go for, but there might be one that you like more than the others. It is really important that you get a wallpaper mural that you are happy with and is of the highest quality so that it lasts a long time. If you have no experience in hanging wallpaper yourself, getting a professional to help you would definitely be advised. If your child has not been born yet, being organized and decorating the nursery as early as possible will ensure that you've got one more thing crossed off the list in preparation for the big day.


Now that you have seen the range of gorgeous nursery wallpaper murals, you should have a much better idea of how to decorate your child's nursery to the highest possible standard so don't delay in taking that plunge. Whether you are going for something girly or more neutral that can suit boys and girls - it's completely up to you. As mentioned previously, there are so many benefits to choosing wallpaper compared to a traditional paint job with the main one being that it encourages optimum development. Purchase your ideal wallpaper from this selection today and you will be one step closer to creating the nursery of your dreams!

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