10 Art Decor Style Wallpaper Mural Picks To Beautify Your Space

 Art Decor Wallpaper Mural

Invite a sense of opulence into your space, and go back in history by installing your own vintage mural. You can install an elegant theme in any room in your house using classic or abstract wallpaper. There are so many designs to choose from using Art Decor Wall Mural Ever Wallpaper US. If you choose to adopt a modern and fresh look using patterns, colors, and geometric designs, that is also available for you. Whatever your preference, there is something for everyone available in our range. Using colorful wall mural wallpaper will give your dining or living room that extra 'edge' for entertaining over the winter. Bespoke wallpaper is now available in multicolor, so choose your design and color to camouflage minor defects in the wall. Below are 10 top art decor wall murals to get you inspired

Vintage Soldier Training

A big bold vintage mural showcasing Egyptian Soldiers and horses pulling chariots sets the scene for the soldiers training wall mural. This is the perfect mural if you have lots of mahogany and curated Victorian pieces, and the room is large. In winter the firelight will flicker and glow bringing the mural to life, and you will suddenly be transported to ancient Egypt.


Pink Watercolor Crane

Water Cranes reflect the changing season and we think of summer. A perfect colorful wall mural for the family room. using soft lighting and comfortable furniture where the family can gather to read and watch television. The lovely colors in the Crane, Animal mural have all the right pastel shades to set the scene with the windows letting in plenty of light, and some lovely pink daisies on the coffee table.


Watercolor Mountain River

This is a large art decor watercolour wallpaper scene that will immediately fit your family room or even the hallway. With a majestic mountain towering above a River, the scene won't clash with any furnishing colors as the inspired design will fit most spaces. The precut strips are easy to install and the paper is water repellant. UV protection is inbuilt, so let the sunshine in, and everyone will admire your bold new wall mural.


Purple Oil Painting Effect

Colorful wall mural abstract wallpaper will fit perfectly into a large modern space, this large oil painting mural will make a great backdrop to your family room and will go really well with your modern art collection and a few abstracts. This is an inspired design that everyone will admire, and it will last for years and fit perfectly with inspired modern furnishings, especially the gray couches and teak coffee tables.


Colorful 3D Building

The 3D wallpaper certainly has the wow factor! If your teenager or pre-teen is asking for a bedroom makeover, this colorful mural effect could be just what she is looking for, and the good news is it will last until she leaves home and you won't need to do it again. The wallpaper is water repellant and UV protected. Install some disco lighting and the room is done.


Small Stone Circle Texture

The small stone wallpaper mural will sit beautifully above and around the fireplace. The 3D Stone wallpaper textures have a lovely organic appearance. It glues to the wall making it easy to install, and is washed with a damp sponge.If you live in a country home this could be the perfect design for your living room and the colorful stone mural will attract admiration from friends and family. It is especially suited to neutral tone furnishings and natural wood.


Abstract Colorful Floral

A totally fun large and colorful wall mural. It will cover one whole wall and is called 'Macaron', take a look at the bold design suited to a sunny room with modern furniture. It is easy to hang as it is precut with invisible connections, is UV resistant, and can be sponged over with a damp cloth if someone puts a dirty hand on it! Children will be attracted to the color and form, and if they do a few scribbles on it, the marks should be easy to remove! This is such a fun colorful wallpaper that everyone will want to know where you got it!


Purple Wave Oil Painting Effect

An abstract wallpaper background effect for your family room, this is a wallpaper that goes with everything. It is a non-woven wallpaper making it easy to apply, and it is washable with a damp sponge. The colors are purple and neutral giving a wave effect that is restful and non-obtrusive, allowing the room to be styled with whatever you like, as everything will fit the wave color scheme. Install lots of bold lighting to bring out the color in the waves and everyone will admire the effect.


Colorful Mesh Blocks

This creates a striking brown-colored wall mural, looking as though dozens of newspapers have been glued onto the wall at all angles. The effect is quite busy and would be ideal for the home office wall, as everyone would comment on this abstract wallpaper, making it an instant conversation starter.It is great for covering imperfections often found in older houses, and it only needs gluing to the wall. It is UV resistant so let the light shine in on your crazy new office space.


Pastel Melting Drops

These are incredibly pretty and restful, making the perfect backdrop for a woman's bedroom. The melting drops will create a striking backdrop to your home and will go with every color. Having a colorful wall mural draws the eye and whether it's in the bedroom or family room, you will want to show it to others as it will blend seamlessly with all of your furniture and artwork. You will want to install plenty of lighting so that you can highlight it at night, perhaps with downlights. The joins are seamless as they are glued, and non-wovenwallpaper is the easiest to install.


The Verdict

If you have a new baby in the house, prepare the room with a special wall of Bambi in a woodland setting. This is perfect with the baby furniture and the baby will love the scene with Bambi, the woodlands flowers, and the trees. It is very restful inspiring relaxation and good sleep.There are so many amazing colorful wall murals to choose from, and the good news is you can install them yourself.

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