10 Attractive Industrial Style Wall Mural to Create a Focal Point For Your Home Decor

Vintage Village Picture

There's no denying that adding a mural to your wall would convey the impression that the house has an excellent interior design. Murals are the newest trend in interior decoration, and they are becoming increasingly popular because of their capacity to express a man's character. Wall murals may be a fantastic invention in wall décor, and for those seeking a fresh take on design, an industrial wall mural might be just the thing.

The addition of classic and contemporary artwork into attractive wall patterns may completely alter the feel of a room. You are welcome to choose from our catalog of jaw-dropping, uniquely incredible wall murals, each of which is made to express and convey a sense of dramatic setting and make viewers feel awestruck.

Dilapidated Cottage

Recently, more and more homeowners have begun to see the beauty in a traditional cottage's natural deterioration. Perhaps the homiest and most imaginative piece of decor you could install in your bedroom is this vintage wall mural. Visible brickwork, thanks to the appeal of patterns like the Ever warehouse mural, has been steadily rising in interior decoration for the past decade. Texturizing characteristics like peeling wallpaper, aged bricks, and cement sections of wall lend this white industrial brick decor a lifelike, almost 3D aspect, contributing to its repossessed sense.


Gray Brick Cottage

Perhaps we can all relate to the experience of falling in love in a homemade with visible hollow blocks or bricks. This home style has given Asia a lot of exposure and is now becoming trendy as an industrial wallpaper mural. For the past decade, murals like "Brick House" have made uncovered brick walls increasingly popular in residential and commercial spaces. This brick wallpaper depicts a white house with a weathered and recaptured appearance thanks to its inclusion of flaking paint, weathered brickwork, and patched spots. The mural's imperfections and industrial inspiration make it perfect for any room. It works beautifully with contemporary furnishings.


Broken Wall Skin

Moving on, if you've already selected the ideal wall decor for your bedroom, you might want to consider installing a wall mural for the living room instead. This vintage wall mural will transport you to a simpler, less hectic moment in your life-specifically, to your childhood. Given its industrial characteristics, fractured concrete is a crucial component of rustic home architecture. It has an effect similar to that of shattered stone. The artists that worked on Ever Wallpaper gave this picture a rough aspect so that it would have a more authentic quality in a dining room or some other location. This mural of cracked concrete looks excellent when paired with chrome or other contemporary furnishings.


Green Cracked Concrete

Ever Wallpaper also created a signature wall mural for halfway that will surely capture your interest. This can also be a wall mural for living room as it highlights a vibrant green that can give a retro yet elegant vibe to a space. Cracked formwork is a rising trend in rustic furniture decorating due to the continued rise in recognition of industrialized visuals and decors. The beauty of the stone's broken and shattered appearance is only partially captured in this artwork. Use this structural cracks mural in conjunction with chrome or modern furniture to make a statement in any room.


Auto Revolution

By this point, we'd like to say congratulations because you just found the perfect vintage wall mural for your room. It perfectly compliments every neutral color and gives it a certain luxury even with minimal furniture. If you're into automobiles, you'll really enjoy this wall painting. This manually-drawn numeric car wallpaper is made with a colorful retro look, and it will unquestionably add energy and refresh your space. If you want your family room and bedrooms to stand out, decorate using Auto Revolution wallpaper.


Ancient Vehicles

And because we know you wouldn't feel satisfied just by plastering the mentioned Auto Revolution wallpaper, we also prepared this industrial wallpaper mural as an alternative option! Unlike the first one, this can also be a wall mural for hallway, especially when you have a vintage interior. Also, like the first one, if you have a fascination for automobiles, you will love this mural wallpaper. This uses a vintage car numerals design as a no-brainer for bringing a burst of color and youthful energy to any space. So what are you waiting for?


Vintage Hot Balloons

Of course, we also prepared another design in case you are not into vintage automobiles. Consider these vintage hot balloons as your wall mural for home office. If you have a soft spot for hot air balloons, then you'll appreciate this retro background mural. The bold, retro style of this background mural, which depicts vintage historical hot air balloons in the form of digits, will inject new life into any space. This comes hand in hand with an interior that features neutral colors.


Bicycle Revolution

Bicycle Revolution is truly a masterpiece of art that you can simply install in your wall. It has some old dirty white papery look backdrop and bicycle art that gives a retro vibe. You can give this a try when you're into vintage interior and decoration. You can also use it as an advantage to either minimalist or minimalistic room decoration. It's ironically a never-getting-old type of industrial wallpaper mural.


Vintage Sailboats

Architecture enthusiasts will surely appreciate this sailboat-themed wall mural for the living room. The mural actually looks old and vintage you can decorate it with vintage decorations, music boxes, old piano, or every old furniture that you have collected over the years. Sailboats are one of the most in-demand wallpaper for a home as it gives a cozy and artistic breeze towards your interior. This can also be a great wall mural for hallway.


Hand-drawn Sailboats

Yes, last but not the least on our best industrial style wall mural for Ever Wallpaper list is this Sailboat Patterned mural. What makes this more special from the first one is the fact that it has no fading papery texture to it but rather a more contemporary white background. The sailboat patterns are made with black and gray inks that can give you a 2D-ish feel in your interior. You can use this vintage wall mural in the bedroom, hallway or living room. In fact, even in your office.


Hand-drawn- Sailboats

The Verdict

Some people may want to make a fashion statement with their mural choice; some may want aesthetically lovely vintage wallpapers, but others may want to display something that has special meaning to them. Because a bedroom is a person's private sanctuary, having a mural painted on the wall can make them feel comfortable. Therefore, before commissioning a mural for one's home, it's important to have a clear idea of what you want to portray. And we also hope that our recommended list has helped you choose the best industrial wallpaper mural for your space!

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