10 Dark Floral Wallpaper Murals That Will Surely Make Any Room Aesthetic

Dark Roses Wallpaper Mural

Any living space or bedroom deserves to be a beauty. Due to it being the area wherein most activities for work, play, or home are done, it should best reflect how presentable the said area is, and a black color mural is one of the boldest designs one can go for.

Continue reading this helpful list of wallpapers highly recommended to bring life and display beauty in any space or area, whether it is for home use or commercial spaces.

10 Dark Floral Wallpaper Murals That Are A Definite Must Have

A category of flower wallpaper murals will be presented in this particular list. It is said that viewing wallpapers with natural sceneries, such as nature-inspired scenes or floral imagery, can ease the mind and its psyche, which benefits an individual.

Here are a few notice-worthy dark floral wall murals from Ever wallpaper to purchase immediately so that they can be delivered soon and let the redesigning and decorating can begin:


This flower wallpaper mural is all about bold hues and sophistication of its print. The floral image will enable us to bring all the attention directly to it. This way, the space where it is installed will be the conversation piece of those seeing it. It is easy to wash and can be quickly installed.



An image of lively pink florals together with a bold background from a dark floral wall mural always easy to elevate any space. The image reminds the viewer of flowery fields and will make anyone feel like they are in a renaissance painting due to its nostalgic aesthetic. This can be a good accent piece for the space. Simply glue this to the wall and install it accordingly.


Glamorous Blue Blossom

Have the aesthetic feel of old Hollywood glam with this wallpaper with metal effect. The glitz and sparkles from this vintage wall mural are sure to make a lasting impression on those seeing it. The gold accent outlining the floral imagery will add more class and sophistication to the space. This will definitely provide luxury to whatever space.


Dark Lily

Another style of dark color wall mural with a floral image with gold lining on its petals. An elegant piece that will indeed create a stunning impression on the walls of the said space. The deep and bold blueish-green background complements well the gold lining of the design. This can be an option if a classic and elegant piece is needed.


Dark Blue Blossoms

This flower wallpaper mural that was inspired by high-class floral prints and bold colors will make any space stand out. It is striking and luxurious in its design. The gold lining and dark blue background are a classic color hue and combination. Perfect for a modern and contemporary accent of the space.


Dark Chrysanthemum

A dark color wall mural that displays luxury that can leave anybody impressed. The chrysanthemum image outlined in white and gold is an excellent combination of hue and colors. This design is considered to be very regal and posh perfect for living room decor, which complements the big and bold prints it has. This design can make the space refined and polished.


Children & Flower

A colorful, forward, and enticing design because of the presence of heavenly babies surrounded by flowers. The dark floral wall mural that this represents is quite like a painting done in the classical-baroque period, wherein the motif is about babies and natural sceneries. Transform any space like a live painting scenery with these design designs for the walls. This is sure to be a design that is eye-catching.


Dark Flower Bouquet

Lastly, this flower mural wallpaper is a classic and serene choice. The dark-colored background enables the brightly pastel-colored florals to stand out. This piece will blend flawlessly with any furniture or ensemble in one's home. The sophistication that embodies the flower bouquet image is a sure stunner. It gives a lively and happy feel to the space.


Dark Blooms

This vintage wall mural exudes classic and soft impressions in its design. Inspired by the feel of spring and colorful blossoms of wildflowers and pink roses, this will make any space vibrant and lovely. Accentuate this design with a stylish pair of items or furniture for contrasting feels. The unique nostalgic feel makes it homey and comforting to what it surrounds.


Dark Flower Beauty

A calmer and soft take on a flower wallpaper mural that exudes sophisticated, feminine design. A touch of elegance is embedded in this design as it features a young woman covered in foliage and florals while in a pose. Placing this in the living area or bedroom makes a more high-fashion feel for the space. Pair it with vintage ensembles and classic pieces for a good combination.


Taking Care Of Wall Murals or Wallpapers

It is essential to maintain the vintage wall mural purchased to ensure that it can withstand the most in the everyday wear and tear that is uncontrollable to all. Here are some tips to follow to ensure that the wall murals or wallpapers brought will be taken care of:

    • Always remember to wipe the wallpaper from bottom to top only to prevent streaking
    • Let dry the first segment, then finish the other one accordingly.
    • Use a dry cloth when wiping off dust gently
    • Do not use solvents and abrasive chemicals as cleaning agents
    • Use rubber gloves to not put fingerprints on the mural or wallpaper that can add to what needs to be cleaned.

The Verdict

Vintage wall murals are all the rage this season. It shows a timeless classic design and is versatile in pairing up with other ensembles in the said space.

Flower wallpaper murals are a definite must-have since it is a timeless classic and easy design to pair with any ensemble. Make sure that the item to be installed in the space that needs it is legit and of quality so that it can remain good as new and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes even for a long time.

Dark Roses with Drops
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