10 Exclusive Wallpaper Designs From Ever Wallpaper to Make Your Home Interiors Unique

Have you ever thought about how beautiful your home can be when you decorate it? Are you looking for exclusive wallpaper designs that are unique and stylish to transform your home interiors? Don't stop by just any wallpaper store! Ever Wallpaper is the place to find original, custom-designed home wallpaper murals for your interior decorating solutions!

Cranes on Blue Wall Mural

Ever Wallpaper is a company dedicated to wallpaper designs and home decor ideas and to bringing the best option for your home. Their team is composed of artistic and talented designers inclined into making awesome, exclusive, and high-quality home decor products suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces at affordable prices. Each of their wallpaper designs will definitely turn your existing room into a look-a-like masterpiece and will surely make a statement with their creativity!

The concept of using wallpaper for decoration has been around for centuries. Not only does it style a room, but it also adds a sense of class and sophistication to living spaces. This concept is especially useful if you want to bring the décor closer to your tastes and preferences. With millions of different design options to choose from, finding the perfect wallpaper for your home can be an exhausting process. To help you get started, here are the exclusive and original wallpaper designs that can only be found at Ever Wallpaper.

Vintage Flower Vines Wallpaper Mural

Vintage Flower Vines

Vintage flower wallpapers are known today for being an aesthetic home decor. So, the warm, earthy color scheme of this floral wallpaper mural with vintage flower details features delicate tones of green, brown, and yellow. By adding old flower features into the current style of wallpaper patterns, this is a fantastic fusion of traditional and modern decors. The classic yellow roses, pink rose buds, green leaves, and white lilies with lovely colors are some of the vintage flowers featured in this design. It may serve as a backdrop for your home decor or as an art piece on its own.

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Blue Flower Vines

The enchanted and lovely world of flowers will come to life thanks to this contemporary abstract wallpaper mural! This floral pattern was created especially for persons who appreciate the beauty of the natural world and the fine arts of painting. It is inspired by the wonders of blue and yellow flowers with green foliage. Therefore, this abstract wall mural with brilliant colors and fine details will give your area an exquisite and trendy style by employing the same colored dots as the depiction of the magnificent tropical pattern.

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Cat on Rooftop Wall Mural

Cat on Rooftop

This wallpaper is what you need if you're seeking a special present for the cat lover in your life or if you just want to show how much you adore cats! Any area in your home or office will look amazing with this animal wallpaper featuring a large yellow cat dozing on a rooftop in the city surrounded by tall vintage buildings. If you're a big fan of this furry buddy, you might include it in your living room décor by placing it next to your couch or by building a gallery wall in your hallway.

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Pink Vintage Tree

Pink is the color of happiness, joy, and love. It is a very feminine shade that turns your room into a more beautiful and elegant space, making it the ideal design for kids' room, nursery, or any other children’s space that needs some softness and sweetness. The large vintage tree image with colorful birds on the side is set on a blush pink background for that magical and aesthetic appeal. This is the perfect way to add a little bit of natural flair to your house.

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Lady Show Wallpaper Mural

Lady Show

Take this dynamic wall mural with you if you want a little bit of everything! This art deco wallpaper serves as the best example of the ideal traditional and modern wall décor, combining vintage colors and patterns with more trendy accents and designs. The layout is perfect for modern homes since it has a lovely vintage-inspired pattern and texture. With this distinctive powerful feminine design of a confident lady, you can easily create a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art for any décor and give your house a sense of mastery and feminine power!

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Watercolor Yard

This watercolor wallpaper mural features a fresh garden scene with a blue sky, pale-colored flowers, and a green lawn. This floral and tropical design is simple yet classy, but it incorporates some of the most popular elements in wallpaper patterns such as flowers, trees, and the oil painting finish. It is an excellent way to create a splash of color and texture in your home and is sure to be a hit with any decorating style!

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Girl Riding with Rabbit Wallpaper Mural

Girl Riding with Rabbit

A lovely vintage-inspired wallpaper that is heavenly! This floral wallpaper mural design is the ideal focal point for any bedroom or playroom since it features a large bunny and a girl surrounded by a variety of vibrant flowers. Thanks to its inherently alluring ambiance and attractive appearance, this charming flower wallpaper will make your house more opulent. The rabbit flowers are designed to give the girl a great impression by giving the illusion that they are escorting her from behind.

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Octopus Art

With its blue and pink color scheme, tropical theme, and exotic ocean scenery, this nautical wall mural is stunning for your home or office. This art deco jasper wallpaper of an octopus has a pink backdrop and a vivid blue octopus image with long tentacles that are highlighted with gold. The octopus animal design is extremely realistic and detailed, giving it the perfect fit for any room in your house. This is the ideal option for you if you're seeking something different from the typical flower patterns and geometric motifs usually utilized in wallpapers!

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Fancy Decor Wallpaper Mural

Fancy Decor

Another abstract wallpaper mural with a beautiful green backdrop! The brilliant colors and precise details used to create the green blooms and foliage in this design are exquisite. This gorgeous wallpaper is done in a horizontal stripe pattern to add diversity and movement to the overall design. Your walls will undoubtedly get some color from the art deco layout's motif, giving your home a distinctive ambiance that you may enjoy every day.

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Colorful Lotus

Your house will seem chic and appealing due to the ideal combination of vivid colors and watercolor flowers! The gentle colors of this floral wallpaper mural, which was painted using a blend of watercolor and oil paint, will make your place stand out. To create a striking contrast with the wallpaper's lighter backdrop, the pattern is constructed by utilizing several various shades of blue, violet, white, and yellow. You may choose a size that exactly matches your area without having to worry about any gaps between panels or anything else since this watercolor mural is offered in a variety of sizes.

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Ever Wallpaper is a creative and innovative source of original wallpaper designs that are created especially for you. Every design is exclusive, giving customers a unique, bespoke wallpaper experience every time. Treat yourself to a new look for your walls and make a statement about your style in every room of your home with wallpaper murals only available here at Ever Wallpaper.

4 Reasons Why There are New Trends in Home Decorating Ideas

New trends for home decorations emerge every year. There are even predictions of home wallpaper ideas that will be a trend next year. From paint colors to furniture and even wallpaper designs, the trends come and go. Here are a few reasons why and how it happens every time:

    • 1.People are becoming more open to new things in regards to home decorating. They are not afraid to try new ideas such as choosing different colors, patterns, and styles of decorations for their homes.
    • 2.There is an increase in the number of people who want to live in a clean environment and so they are willing to spend money on buying new furniture and accessories for their homes.
    • 3.There has been a major change in the way people decorate their houses because now there are many options for them when it comes to choosing interior design ideas for their homes.
    • 4.The market has changed. People have more choices and it becomes easier to find a way to express themselves.
    • 5.People want to make their home as comfortable as possible especially when they are having a party or a gathering with friends and family members in the house. They do not want just plain walls or furniture but they also want something special in their home like paintings on the wall or furniture made out of wood which can give them a sense of beauty and calmness around them when they are inside their house.

The reason for the new trends in home decorations is essentially the same as it has always been. People want to live in a fashionable and attractive environment. They like the idea of being a trendsetter and being able to afford something stylish. Others are interested in having a neat, cozy place that would make them happy when they come back after work or on weekends and see how they decorated their living room, hallway, or bedroom space. However, some trends will die, and others will stay with us for quite some time. Nonetheless, the fact that you have decided to change your home for a new or better look, using original and exclusive wallpaper designs, is an achievement you should be proud of.

Transform Your Space With Ever Wallpaper

Ever Wallpaper has been creating wallpaper designs for years, producing some of the most unique, beautiful, and trendy wallpaper patterns. The Ever Wallpaper team is made up of highly skilled designers who have combined their love of art and design with their passion for home decorating to create products that are not only beautiful but also timeless. With our wide selection of unique designs, you can find the perfect fit for your home decorating needs.

Whether you're looking for a traditional or contemporary look, we have got something that will suit your style. Our wallpaper patterns are available in all shapes, sizes, and colors so you can have everything you need to create a beautiful yet personalized space. If you are looking for a way to transform your space with Ever Wallpaper, we recommend using our exclusive designs as they can turn ordinary rooms into aesthetically pleasing ones!

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