10 Drawing Room Graffiti Wallpaper Murals Be Revealed

When it comes to decorating your dream home, you can not deal with it as easily as decorating your clothes. Especially when You are selecting the wallpaper you should be very conscious and alert. It is not a thing that you can change immediately so make your decision after thinking from all sides and keeping the future in mind.

Graffiti Wall Murals

There are some rooms in your home that are private or rarely anyone comes there like your bedroom but there are other areas like the drawing rooms where almost every guest goes. So it is important to choose a remarkable wallpaper for your drawing room that can depict your taste and personality.

Now Graffiti Wallpaper Murals are very trendy for home interior decor. They are made from vibrant colors and in a funky style to add life to any place and provide a fun environment. Here are the 10 best Graffiti Wallpaper Murals that will suit your drawing room.

Hiphop Sloth Wall Mural

Create A Peaceful Environment

Want to relax your mind completely, do pay attention to hip-hop sloth wallpaper murals. These graffiti wall murals are the best option for room decoration in a very adorable manner. As the sloth represents peace and relaxation hence, its wallpaper will bring harmony along with it.

Features Of Hiphop Sloth Wall Mural

    • This wallpaper brings a number of amazing features with it.
    • The wallpaper will be available in stripes and due to having this pre-cut feature, installation becomes easier.
    • A good representation of how cheerful and full of life you are.
    • The cute sloth in the wallpaper provides a fun environment.
    • It is a very stylish design that shows how enjoyable life can be.
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Fashion Lady Cat Wall Mural

Touch The World Of Fashion

As we know, for expressing a unique atmosphere in a room, magic graffiti wall murals are the most beneficial options. Fashion lady cat wallpaper that brings elegance to the environment and shows a pictorial diagram of the personality of the person. Thinking about doing room decor but keeping budget control, then fashion lady cat wallpaper will be a blessing.

Features Of Fashion Lady Cat Wallpaper

Fashion lady cat wallpaper comes up with a number of appealing features that are mentioned as follows:

    • Very stylish for a girl's room
    • The cat has a cool hat that looks stylish
    • The amazing grey box background of the wallpaper is very unique.
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Well-Dressed Lady Cat Wall Mural

Best Teenage Girls Choice

Wallpaper murals is a creative way of doing a teenager's room decoration in a very unique way. Especially, girls want well-dressed lady cat wallpapers as it expresses a sign of intelligence along with independence. Moreover, such a wallpaper will play a significant role in bringing inspirational spirit in yourself whenever your eye captures its scene.

Features Of Well Dressed Lady Cat Wallpaper

Well-dressed lady cat wallpaper is itself a full description of amazing thoughts and ideas. Given are a few of its characteristics:

    • It is a very unique and fashion-inspired wallpaper
    • This wallpaper will depict your good sense of dressing and personality.
    • It is a refreshing wallpaper, especially for the hot season.
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Noble lady Cat Wall Mural

Keep The Traditional Touch

Keeping your drawing room bold and bringing a traditional touch to it will change the environment of your house. No doubt, the noble lady cat wallpaper signifies a very rich and elegant idea. You will get these wallpaper in any size and shape according to the measurement of your drawing room's wall. The presence of this wallpaper will make the drawing room more unique.

Features Of Noble Lady Cat Wallpaper

The characteristics contained by a noble lady cat wallpaper are as follows:

    • This wallpaper is very noble on its own
    • Graffiti wallpaper is a versatile option that can be chosen by any group of people.
    • It will keep the environment of the drawing room elegant and very unique
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Mr Smoking Dog Wall Mural

For A Bossy Look

This is one of the bossy looks providing Graffiti wallpaper murals. Here is a dog that has a cigar type in his mouth. It looks elegant as well as trendy. Cigarette lovers will find it very attractive. It can be best for your game room or where your friends come and sit. Besides this, it can be used for your party location.

Features Of Mr. Smoking Dog Wallpaper

The Mr. Smoking Dog Wallpaper has the following amazing features:

    • The wallpaper gives a bossy look.
    • It is colorful as well as elegant.
    • It can be fitted anywhere but looks good where your friends or other outsiders come and sit.
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Cool Gorilla Musician Paint Wall Mural

For The Music Lovers

If you are a music lover or looking for wallpaper that suits a musical room perfectly, then the Cool Gorilla Musician wallpaper can be the best available option for you. Here in the wallpaper, an acute gorilla is in a sitting position like he is enjoying the music with the colorful headphones in his ears. The gorilla art attracts not only the musicians but also kids like them.

Features Of Cool Gorilla Musician Paint Wall Murals

The cool gorilla musician wallpaper comes with cool features. Some of them are:

    • Interesting art depicting love for music.
    • The wallpaper has a great ability to cover the available space or area and provide stylish finishing.
    • It is a very fashionable and latest style that is very popular among the young generation.
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Colorful Abstract Characters Wall Mural

You must have noticed that the Abstract characters are unique and very calming to understand, but what if you can put all these characters on your wall? This can be a great art home decoration idea, especially for the art lover. In this colorful abstract character, wallpaper design, different characters are merged into each other in a very stylish way that looks like an amazing portrait.

Features Colorful Abstract Characters, Wall Mural

These features are linked with this amazing wallpaper of abstract characters:

    • Very colorful and full-of-life wallpaper
    • It Looks refreshing and calming to the eyes.
    • Can attract anyone's attention in no time.
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Abstract Art Painting Cat Portrait Wall Mural

For the Art Lovers

This wallpaper is for those who are in deep love with art and gallery. The wallpaper provides a look of an art masterpiece and provides the sense that you are in an art gallery. These are eye-catching wallpapers and anyone can notice them by just visiting your drawing room once.

Features of Abstract Art Painting Cat Portrait

The following are the main features of the Abstract Art Painting Cat Portrait Wallpaper:

    • It provides the look of a modern art
    • Best for decorating a living room or the drawing room for children
    • Can transfer the whole room by changing a single wall.
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Graffiti Hue Wall Mural

Find A Good Collection Of Art Designs

If you want to get a variety of art pieces on a single wall without indulging in a long and lengthy process, then the Graffiti hue wallpaper art design is the best available option. Here you will have an amazing collection of art where the different designs are collected and presented in a single frame. By using this wallpaper, you can have fun as well as a serious portrait on your wall.

Features Graffiti Hue Wallpaper Art Design

The following are the main features of this wallpaper:

    • Attractive and interesting to look
    • Full of colors and themes that are different but linked with each other
    • Various art pieces are present in a single wallpaper.
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Colorful Graffiti Painting Wall Mural

A decent choice

A beautiful combination of color and random placement is the desirable wallpaper by some decent people. The choice of colors may vary as some like vibrant colors while others like neutral. But the wallpaper with different colors looks very natural and neutral. If you are one of those who do not like harshness or very show-off wallpaper then this wallpaper is for you.

Features of Colorful Graffiti Painting

The following are the main features of this wallpaper:

    • These wallpapers are harshness free. They provide a sense of calmness
    • These wallpapers can be matched with any type of interior.
    • They are available in different designs.
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Tips For Choosing A Perfect Wallpaper

Given tips will be very helpful for you if you want to choose a perfect wallpaper for your child's room.

Most importantly, you have to keep in your mind your child's style and taste.

Before getting a wallpaper mural, first, measure the space on the wall so that the measurements will be perfect.

The selection of a color scheme is also a backbreaking but essential task

Make sure, your selected wallpaper is according to the function of the room; otherwise, it will be very odd.

Last but not least, no compromise should be made to the quality of the wallpaper. Moreover, make sure the material used for the production is durable and long-lasting.


A wallpaper can totally change the look of a wall. Graffiti wallpaper murals are not only trendy wallpapers that can be selected, but they are also attractive and stylish ones, specially for the hallways or the drawing rooms.

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