The 10 Best Vintage-inspired Wallpapers for your Home Decor

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The Revival of Vintage Times

The vintage concept coming back to life made a tremendous impact on everyone's preferences and styles. The vintage style became the blueprint for all that we are wearing now. Every piece of clothing that we sported was influenced by the fashion sense from the old times. The repetitive release of clothing designs with different branding made the fashion of the 2000s seem monotonous in style. That's why some people felt the need to bring back from the archives the vintage style of clothing as an inspiration. People's preferences in some aspects have also been affected by the resurfacing of the fashion fits from the vault. As an example, many people take their vintage preference when it comes to interior designing. They also prefer using vintage furniture to upgrade the looks of their rooms.

This was remarkably noticed by the businesses, forcing them to restrategize and create products inspired by vintage aesthetics. Dresses, ornaments, and furniture were manufactured to suit the aura, making them marketable. As businesses hop on to the trend, their layouts will bring out the past. Wallpapers have always been done with themes, but more of the child-like and character-based ones. That's why we are here to introduce to you some vintage wallpaper murals, retro wallpaper murals, as well as flower wallpaper murals perfect for your room:


Black Patterns

This wallpaper mural is giving us the retro vibe. The klein blue patterns of the mural go along with the random objects that are organized to be visually pleasing. Noticeably, the objects are connected to vintage too. The black and white gives a classic "good old times" feeling. It complements the blue accents. This wallpaper is perfect for kids' rooms and living areas.

Music Score

Music lovers will definitely add this to their shopping carts. The music score vintage wallpaper mural gives an illusion of patched music scores in a yellowish tint, giving it a vintage vibe. Like music, this vintage wallpaper mural is the missing link to bring your house into harmony. Peel and stick these to the walls of your living space and bedroom.

Marilyn Monroe 'Red Lips'

Add spice to your living area with a wallpaper featuring the beauty and power of Marilyn Monroe. The wallpaper is inspired by one of the proponents of the pop art movement and a pop artist himself, Andy Warhol. His work "Shot Sage Blue Marilyn" was one of the famous artworks. This retro wallpaper comes in a black and white color scheme and is perfect for the neutral color theme interior of your house.

 Pink China Rose Wallpaper Mural

Pink China Rose

The vibrant color of pink, accompanied by blue and green accents, creates a soothing scene for this flower mural wallpaper. Incorporating this flower wallpaper mural with your furnishings will surely enhance the interior of your house, giving you the vintage aesthetic that you've been aiming for. It is easy to install and is water resistant, so you do not have to worry about spilling your drink accidentally.

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White Fluorescent on Brown

This floral wallpaper mural gives emphasis to the white fluorescent flowers blooming and illuminating right before your eyes. The highlighted brown leaves also helped in establishing the fluorescent flowers as the center of attention. This wallpaper suits well with a tropical interior design . This wallpaper is perfect for your bedroom and other areas of your house.

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Baroque Colonnade Garden Landmark Wallpaper Mural

Baroque Colonnade Garden Landmark

The Baroque Colonnade wallpaper creates an illusion of a spacious living area, or of any other room in your house. Since baroque style focuses on details, this cityscape wallpaper can be used to create an accent wall for your house or a statement piece for your room. It also fits with minimalist rooms and works with vintage-themed interiors too.

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Glittering Flower Vines

This elegant, antique-looking wallpaper will light up your bedroom, dining room, and living area. The glittering flower vine wallpaper is designed to make your house look expensive and unique at the same time. with a very detailed depiction of a seemingly enchanted forest. You can experiment with a lot of furnishings here as the color is compatible with any theme.

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Vintage Mystic Cards

Let the cards tell your fate. This vintage wallpaper mural features a pattern of mystic cards that is bewildering to stare at. It will give your house a supernatural vibe. The cards were laid on a yellow background, which looked more like stains than a solid color, like a page of a forbidden book where chants and incantations were listed. The combination of black and yellow suits almost all the themes you could think of.

Bloomy Branches

Inspired by the spring season, this wallpaper symbolizes regrowth and a new beginning. The colors pretty much revolve around different shades of green and white, which perfectly stand out. This green wallpaper mural is great as an accent wall or can be used for office rooms paired with furnishings.

Vintage Carriage Posters

This wallpaper mural will literally take you to the past. A collection of posters with carriages and horses. It is perfect for your vintage-themed interior. During the vintage era, carriages were the most common mode of transportation. The posters in different art styles will surely give you a trip down memory lane. This mural wallpaper can give a unique look to your living room decor.

The Verdict

The rise of vintage-inspired outfits, furniture, wallpapers, and other things is proof that history will always repeat itself. Some people have expressed nostalgia at seeing things return the way they were before. Some were grateful, seeing how far we've come from then to now. Soon enough, the hype for the vintage concept will weaken and another will replace it. But until then, enjoy it. Get your low-rise jeans. Find vintage furniture online. Buy your vintage and retro-inspired wallpapers. Transform your walls. Feel grateful and amazing about the choice you made. After all, our preferences are our own.

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