It's simple to determine the dimensions of your wall. Please provide us with the measurements of your wall's width and height. Don't fret if your wall isn't the typical, plain brick variety. If you want to learn more, check out the provided instructions.
Easy. Just take the whole dimensions of the wall in question. Remember to carefully check your wall dimensions before emailing them to us; we'll use them. The only measurements we need are the ones of the area you want covering, without adding any trim like skirting or coving.
Measure the whole width and height of the wall, ignoring any doors, windows, or other obstructions that will be covered during installation. You can help us pinpoint the exact location of the impediment in your proof image by sending us additional details like measurements, a photo, or a rough map. Easy!
If taking measurements along a wall or ceiling with a slope, only the flattest, most extended sections should be considered. As soon as the picture is hung as a whole square or rectangle, we remove the slope.
If your wall has two angles, find the most extended section and measure its width and height. Again, your mural will be made as a square or rectangle, and the cutouts will be made during the installation process.
It's easy to order wallpaper when you tally up the widths of all the walls you wish to paper and supply that one measurement. You can order the mural without having to split it off.