Step 1: Lay Out Your Wallpaper Mural

Cut along the dashed lines with scissors to separate the wallpaper into its constituent strips. Following the correct installation sequence, Strip 1 should be laid down first. The strip number should be aligned with each strip's upper left corner to position the wallpaper mural accurately. From left to right, each strip is consecutively numbered.

It is essential to remember that many wallpaper murals can be rolled together if ordered simultaneously. Check the picture twice before attempting to install it! If there are any concerns with the print, please contact our customer service staff immediately, and we will work with you to rectify the issue.

Step 2: Apply the paste to the wall

The initial strip must be hung vertically for a proper wallpaper application. Mark the width of the strip with a pencil, then use a level to draw a vertical line on the wall that slopes downward. This will be a helpful reference when it comes time to hang the first strip.

Using a roller or brush, apply the wallpaper paste directly to the wall, covering the first marked section by a few inches with a smooth and even application. To avoid blisters, you must have a uniform, soft coat. Adhesive-backed peel-and-stick paper is not required to adhere.

Step 3: Hang the first strip and smooth out the wallpaper

Lift and lightly adhere one end of the first strip of wallpaper to the ceiling to begin. Use a spirit level or the plumb line you drew to ensure that it is vertical. The top edge of the strip should then be trimmed after being firmly pressed down.

Using the wallpapering tool, smooth the remaining strip from top to bottom, centre to bottom, and around the edges. After applying each strip of wallpaper, clean the wallpapering tool of any adhesive residue.

Step 4: Align the pattern

Repeat the procedure described in step 3. If your wallpaper involves a pattern that must be aligned, carefully align the next strip of wallpaper with the first. The label on the paper roll gives directions on how to complete this task.