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We Use Sustainable & Ecofriendly Materials

Recycled Paper Process
Our wallpapers are made from materials sourced from a sustainably managed forest. If the wood used to make paper comes from sustainably managed forests, it might be considered a renewable resource. Carbon sinks (environmentally friendly woods) mitigate the impacts of carbon dioxide by absorbing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Paper is a valuable resource capable of meeting the requirements of a future circular economy, so long as its sourcing techniques and production methods are environmentally benign.

We Use Sustainable & Ecofriendly Materials

Typically, we make wallpaper based on the needs of our customers. This philosophy is ingrained in all facets of the business, as it is the primary concern of our producers.
Due to the fact that our production is demand-driven, we rarely keep leftover supplies in stock, leaving us with little resources to dispose of. The ink used to print wallpaper is non-toxic and includes no hazardous solvents or chemicals. Additionally, we contribute to the global preservation of the environment by utilising eco-friendly inks and wallpaper.


A substitute for viny and PVC items.

Sustainable Material

Raw resources such as sustainable wood, polyester, and recycled post-consumer content.


Murals can be recycled into various paper-based goods.

Green Ink

Greenguard-approved HP latex inks provide the lowest VOC emissions.

We Use Environmental-Friendly & Non-Toxic Inks

In general, we utilise recyclable and eco-friendly inks in all of our activities. The inks used in wallpaper production are eco-friendly, meaning they have no detrimental effects on the environment or consumers.

When determining the most appropriate inks to use, we often consider all factors. Unlike other wallpaper manufacturers that utilise solvent-based inks, we only use Greenguard-certified latex inks. These inks are environmentally benign and release no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

We Are Proud of Our Recyclable Mural Wallpapers

In addition to being reusable, our wallpapers adhere to the Sustainable Development Goal 12 criteria. Utilizing reusable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting wallpaper is the initial step in initiating a green economic recovery. Investing in recyclable materials is an efficient way to conserve the environment. Since Sustainable Development Goal 12 aims to reverse this, Ever Wallpaper has taken the required steps to favourably impact the environment.
Recycled Paper Process

Our company's objective is to develop wallpapers made from recyclable materials in order to mitigate the devastating impacts of plastic on the environment. One baby step for the individual, one gigantic leap for the community.